We organise exhibitions and trade shows in targeted industry verticals that support trade and commerce in those markets. These platforms enable communities to gather in one place and one time to share information and conduct research, showcase products, generate leads, secure new business and make sales and purchases.

Corporate Events

At BIDAYAAT, we transform ideas into reality, exploit creative technology to bring you spectacular effects, deliver unique experiences to connect your audience, and breathe life into your events.

Meetings & Conferences

Whether you are planning a conference, company incentive programme or meetings, for any size attendees, we are here to listen to your event requirements and strive to deliver out-of-the-box event management solutions.

Exhibitions & Roadshows

The popularity of experiential marketing continues, with brand events and experiences proving bigger and better than ever. Such awareness forge ongoing relationships with audiences or creating more compelling engagement.


Some times we want a part of everything, a conference, exhibition and may be some area for private meetings. That is where our innovative summits come. 

Highly customized and tailor-made format for Decision Makers like CEOs, COOs & Directors.

  • Learn something new from keynote speakers at conference
  • Networking through exhibition
  • Do business using private meetings
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